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Great podcast!

I love the bite-size and relatable episodes! I’ve been craving a podcast for childfree humans!

Love this podcast!

These are perfect bite-sized episodes, and I love the variety of topics. Always happy to find childfree-related content!

Great podcast!!

This is a great podcast! I loved the episode about entrepreneurs realizing that they don’t need as much stuff. Highly recommended!

Great topics Raphie!

I love listening to a podcast where I ( we) can relate on so many things. Thank you for this platform. You are an inspiration. ( MH Childfree).

She’s back! Yay!

So thankful Raphie is back! She always has great thought provoking topics around being child free. Her podcasts are just the right size and make you feel you are not alone. Definitely a must listen!

Empowering For The Child Free!

Raphie is dedicated to lifting up child free women. She gives us a platform and place to speak our truth without judgement or negativity, and gives us relief from the societal pressure placed on women to be mothers. Bravo for Not A Momma Life! 👏👏