July 7, 2021

I'm back with some EPIC news, updates and plan for YOU!

I'm back with some EPIC news, updates and plan for YOU!

Thank you ALL ! Whew I am back and missed each and everyone of you. Thank you your patience and understanding.

Of course I want to plan this podcast as much as humanly possible and I want it to be me. So thankful that I had two amazing friends pitch in just when I needed them the most. Their TakeOver Episodes will be linked below, both are MUST listens.

The TakeOver episodes will continue until end of summer August 2021. Just wait until hear the ladies of The Dinks Podcast episode! OhMyStars. We have some truly amazing women in our childfree community. That is coming soon! Check them out here on Instagram.

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Here is Melinda's episode.

Here is Breanna's episode.

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