Dec. 16, 2020

Hey media hey

Hey media hey

Mainstream media is lacking the representation of childfree women, the portrayal of childfree women.  Showing families that children much more often than not. Not to mention what happens on TV.  Well, I am over it!  So I am calling out hey media hey HERE WE ARE! 

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Hey, media. Hey, it's me. Child-free woman over here. Yeah. Today's episode is about the lack of child-free women in mainstream media and all that comes with it. That's up next.

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Can we all just do a [00:01:00] collective, Hey media. Hey, we're over here. Am I right? So my frustration with child-free women not being represented in mainstream media is at its worst. Like. Zero tolerance. If you're anything like me, you see ads in magazines, commercials, print, ads, advertisements, even the things you get in the newspaper, and your coupons. 

Why does everybody have to be a mother with a kid? Why do we have to portray mothers in all of these media program programs or whatever [00:02:00] print media I think might be worse, but we need to stand up for mainstream media, whether it's like a print advertisement type of media TV. Basically, I think we could probably use all forms of media and do the shout out and say, listen, we need to represent child-free women in a positive light and represent show a representation of child-free women.

Child-free men and women are probably big spenders when it comes to a lot of these targeted advertisements, but yet we're not represented in that form, but they [00:03:00] want our money. So I not quite sure how to go about doing this. I do know recently, one of the child-free women on Instagram shared a picture of a target ad and they shared, the context was something about family.

So there was something written about this picture that indicated a family and it was one woman and her dog. And I love that because that's another thing when it comes to family, a family is not a husband, a wife, and two kids and a dog. So we need to stop portraying family that way. Well, that also kind of incorporates what I'm talking about is why can't you just depict a [00:04:00] very successful woman.

A rock star in her job or her life. And we don't have to have a child or a man in that same picture or TV shows. Okay. So TV shows are horrendous about this. Why can't we have some child-free positive uplifting TV shows. TV episodes. Why can't we have an episode that talks about and focuses on child being child-free as an amazing, fantastic, liberating, positive thing.

My most recent TV episode that I can refer to is there is a show. Called the Bold Type. [00:05:00] And it's young women living in New York city working for a magazine. One of the women is married and this episode, it was a final episode of a season. They portrayed her as a woman who had a pregnancy scare and she was happy  she wasn't pregnant. And she talked about how she doesn't want children, but then they portrayed her in her relationship with her husband and it was devastating news and a devastating breakup. No, we need to change that. 

Why couldn't that have been a moment where they were both [00:06:00] happy and celebrated, that they both realized in that moment of loss that they want to be child-free why did we have to portray her as losing so much?

So in today's challenge because, you know, I love a challenge in every episode. Today's challenge is if you see something in print, on TV, on social media, on a social media ad for our company, something that does not show child-free being child-free as a positive thing. Call them out. If they don't show family as a man and a dog or a woman and a dog and a man and a woman or women and women, whatever.

Uh, [00:07:00] it doesn't matter if they basically, if you see something in print ad or like Target. Paper that comes inside a newspaper to show you what's going on in target for sales. If you don't notice a family unit that does not include children, call them out, take a picture of it. Posted on social media, same thing with magazines and anything out there.

We need to scream to the media, say, Hey media, Hey, we're here. We count, we spend our dollars, so I want to be represented. That's your challenge. In this episode, I would love for you to come on over to Instagram at not a mama. The link is in the show notes, come and hang out with us over on Instagram and finish this conversation or add your 2 cents to this conversation.

That's where I hang out the most. That's a wrap. Thanks for spending your time with me with the free to share this podcast with your child-free BFF. And when you do so, make sure you tag me over on Instagram at not a mama. And while you're there, let's continue this conversation until next time go live.

Go live your not a momma life.