February 10, 2021

My childfree love story & thoughts on childfree love.

How I met my amazing husband and we are a version of 90 day fiancé. I feel that childfree love is different and BIGGER than other love. Socials & Links Contact the show with a message or a voicemail, do that here. All the mag...

February 05, 2021

Screw plans B-Z.....STOP doing that, this is better approach.

If you are making plans B to Z and on......you are doing it all wrong. That approach may be more harmful and it may derail all your efforts. Socials & Links Contact the show with a message or a voicemail, do that here. All th...

February 03, 2021

Breathing again. Thank you President Biden!

I have a new sense of ease and hope now, don't you? Socials & Links Contact the show with a message or a voicemail, do that here. All the magic happens on Instagram, let's be instafriends. The not a momma life podcast Faceboo...

January 29, 2021

This is worse than a needle in a haystack!

How is that search for childfree content , content for childfree woman going? Often stuff from years ago is found, not to current or nothing. There is little to know gray area. There is a challenge in this episode just for YO...

January 27, 2021

We do not relate to moms!

This podcast and the @notamomma Instagram page were all created because childfree women can not relate to moms BUT we have the same issues! There are some valuable reasons to have like minded friends check out this episode ne...

January 22, 2021

Being childfree and bullied on social media. It's real and here is my take on it.

I was bullied in 2020 via Facebook and it felt horrible and physically impacted my mental health and health. Bullying online is such a real thing and it needs to stop. I share 3 tips to help you in case it happens to you or i...

January 20, 2021

Be careful who you "follow" on social media!

Why should we place anyone or anything on a pedestal other than a higher power! So often we see comments on social media about a thought leader that did something wrong, said something wrong or stayed silence. Let's explore t...

January 15, 2021

Entrepreneurs DO NOT buy all things!

It is very real! The distraction of want. You do not need that thing. It is so hard to stay on track, some days and times are harder than others. I have tips for you in this episode to save time and save you money. These tips...

January 13, 2021

Got community?

There is science behind the fact of brain changes when you find that connection with a community. What is "community" and how can you find one and how can you spot a not so good one.? Have you found that perfect fit or almos...

January 08, 2021

Are you an UNTAMED childfree woman?

When was the last time you read a book that changed YOU? If you are~open minded, fair, lover of love, a parent, a friend, a partner, a spouse, & a decent human. If you are ~ a mother, daughter, sister, aunt, niece, & a friend...

January 06, 2021

Ice cubes and tissues? Can we talk!

Here are some tips to help you navigate the M-word. Well, I guess technically PRE-M. I don't recall having a conversation with my mom or sister, so wanted to help you. These are just a few tips, the tip of the iceberg. I that...

December 30, 2020

Four steps to help childfree women take action!

I know taking action towards goals can be difficult! I wanted to share 4 tips I find helpful and I think you will find them helpful too. You are not alone. Head on over to Instagram and share how these 4 steps helped you an...

December 23, 2020

Having like minded friends is VERY under-rated !

I know we are conditioned to seek and search for friends that are different than us. I know we are conditioned to feel that is a closed-minded stance. There are somethings like ethics, values, and beliefs all that come befor...


December 16, 2020

Hey media hey

Mainstream media is lacking the representation of childfree women, the portrayal of childfree women. Showing families that children much more often than not. Not to mention what happens on TV. Well, I am over it! So I am c...

Childfree Living Childfree Women Childfree Woman

December 09, 2020

Childfree men this is for you! Are you living your not a papa life?

Do you ever wonder if men hear, feel, and deal with the same barrage of questions, judgment, and comments? My guess is yes. Share this episode with your favorite childfree man. Come and join in on all the fun over on Instag...

Childfree By Choice Childfree Childfree Men

December 02, 2020

Is it different being a childfree woman and an entrepreneur?

One of my biggest frustrations is reading or listening to a book, blog, or video about being a widely successful women entrepreneur and being literally bombarded by "mommy/momma" crap. You know the feeling, you are enjoying a...

Entrepreneurship Living Childfree

November 25, 2020

How to be childfree during holidays!

In this episode, you will get some helpful tips and responses to quite all the questions and allow you to live your not a momma life during holidays and every day. We need to empower ourselves with confidence to respond to t...

Childfree Life

November 16, 2020

Do you use hashtag childfree on social media?

Let's talk about options for using childfree as a hashtag. I offer some alternatives and a challenge for you. Let's continue to the conversation after the episode over on Instgram. You can leave me a message here.

November 16, 2020

Oh honey you will change your mind! Joys of being childfree.

Being a childfree woman if you are like me, you have heard your fair share of ridiculous comments, right? How do you respond? Have you changed your mind yet? This is a conversation that was on fire over o n Instagram, that ...

November 16, 2020

Being childfree during a pandemic? Love it or hate it?

Well, heck 2020 has been an interesting year, hasn't it? And at the time of this episode, most of the world is still dealing with this pandemic covi19. How is being childfree a positive or a negative during these times? Come ...

November 16, 2020

The not a momma life podcast is here!

Business owner, Gen Xer, occupational therapist, and tech-obsessed host Raphie is a wife and bird-mom. A child-free woman and NOT A MOMMA who is on a mission to lift the voices of child-free women and create a safe space for ...

November 16, 2020

Is my childfree story like yours?

Chances are that my childfree story has a lot of similarities to yours. Right. How and when did you know that being childfree was the right decision? In this episode, I share my childfree story and how I consider myself a la...