July 31, 2021

[BONUS TakeOver] Mental Health, Global Health and Occupational Therapy Event

[BONUS TakeOver] Mental Health, Global Health and Occupational Therapy Event


My childfree friend Sheela is sharing this EPIC event and I told her it was a must that she share it.

If you are passionate about mental health and global health with the bonus of occupational therapy, actually anyone in healthcare too, this event is for you.

August 7-8 2021

This free, two-day, live, virtual summit is packed with opportunities to learn alongside occupational therapy activists and disruptors who will open our minds to healing, returning to community, antiracism, decolonization, gender, sexuality, and mental health, as well as opportunities to build community with participants from around the world. 

​Check out the impressive list of contributors.

Register for this free event here. (with its own awesome playlist)

To support this event, donations accepted here.

Collaborate. Advocate. Disrupt.

10 Live Virtual Community-Centered Events ~ 25 Occupational Therapist Disruptors Providing a Global Perspective ~ 16 Incredible Supporters Making This Event Come to Life~ 21 Countries Represented from Around the world

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