Jan. 16, 2021

My favorite 2020 books, some that changed my life and what's on my list for 2021

My favorite 2020 books, some that changed my life and what's on my list for 2021

One thing that I always do in a new year, is start my reading list. 

One thing I do every January is set my reading goal, in my own personal journal or on goodreads app.

I am Raphie Audiobooker on goodreads if you are on the app.

I am all about audiobooks, and on occasion I do get an actual book.

Wanted to share my favorites from 2020 and what's on my 2021 list.  I also share 2 books that changed my life in 2020, that's at the end. 

But first I will share some other gems.  All these pictures are links to my Amazon affliate links.  

Here are some books that readlly help me in life and business. 


This was topic of an amazing and epic book club event where the lovely author Susie Moore showed up and stay to hang out with us the entire time. BONUS she is childfree. 


If you need some work on your mind set, this is one for you! She also has a money mind set bootcamp too.


And of course who doesn't LOVE Brene Brown. I could read literally anything of hers. This should be a book that everyone leader, manager and entrepreneur should read! Maybe lets just say everyone should. 


Finally two books that changed my life for many different. One that made me truly realize what is love, what it means to be a woman and to live in the here and now (UNTAMED). Than one that made me think twice about sociry, education and just human kind (EDUCATED).







What is on my list for 2021 ? 

So to be honset I haven't listed too many on this list yet. I will blame it on my state of affairs in the US in January 2021, am I right!

For starters I enjoy non fiction and self help / biz books. So I want to explore more in 2021.  I want truly explore more ficton and other areas of non-fiction. 

I want to explore some on Oprah's list. 




And for business and entrepreneurship and mindset too:

We Should All Be Millionaires
By: Rachel Rodgers
Stop Living on Autopilot
By: Antonio Neves