Dec. 24, 2020

Being childfree in the new year, let's go 2021.

Being childfree in the new year, let's go 2021.

Surely, I am not the only one looking forward to 2021!  I wonder if being childfree in the new year will be any different. 

I personally think being childfree during a worldwide pandemic was a true gift.  That does not mean there were times where it sucked. Yes, it did, am I right.  Check out episode 2. 

I do not and will not make light of this brutal Covid 19.  At the time of this post, the death count is over 326,000 just in the US.  I do welcome not having this as a primary focus in 2021.  

And let's not forget the political climate that was painful, emotional, and just truly unbelievable. I recently shared my number one lesson I learned in 2020 that's episode 9. 

Let's put being a childfree woman back on the table.  There are quite a few episodes in 2020 that are related to topics I want to take into 2021, like media portrayal of childfree women episode 8 and episode 3 about the relentless questions and judgment that we face. 

What am I looking forward to in 2021?

Taking this podcast to the next level. 

Starting a new business for podcast management and production. 

Becoming more organized in my home and home office. 

And moving my body more, that's is something that is a typical new year thing.  


Isn't great that our desires, wishes, and goals are the same as women with children.  But what's different is the support we can lend to each other and with perspective. 



So I want to know what are you looking forward to in 2021? 

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